Curses! Spoiled Again!

Look out, movie buffs! 'Cuz these cakes are about to SPOIL.

(No, really, classic movie spoilers ahead!)


The kid's therapist is a ghost.

I see....


299 die.

Only one survives.
(Or would that be "eno" survives?)


Norman Bates' mother is not the killer.

Which is kind of a drag...


Darth Vader is Luke's father.



And it wasn't Jason:

It was his mom.


It was the Earth all along.

(And that's the Statue of Liberty.)

I would never have guessed.


They ALL did it:

But good luck keeping track.


Oh, and...

Soylent Green is made of people.

It was pretty obvious.


Thanks to Susie, Anony M., Lynn B., Andrew C., Amy C., Kim, Rebecka M., and Laura M., who are ALL Keyser Söze. (I KNEW IT!)


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