Princess: Impossible

In honor of National Princess Week, I've arranged to have some of the world's most famous royalty come and visit! Woot woot!

But then they all canceled, so we got these instead:



I mean, uh, won't you say hello, ladies?



[silent glare]


"Life is awful, and then you die.
"....Happy birthday."


Ohhhh kaaay...

Oh, but look! I think Ariel made it, after all!
To think, she swam all this way just to wish you aAAAAAUUUGHH!!

[climbing off floor]
[adjusting hair]

Well, I guess we should just try to make the best of things.

Play us off, Hell's Belles!!

[heavy metal intro plays]

"Tale of cakey crime!


"Cruel as it can be!"

"Curse these princess trends!


"When will it all end?!"

[music slows]

"Someoooone call


Thanks to Colleen W., Kerry Z., Anja H., Amanda S., Cassie S., Jennifer F., Lesley W., & Crista C. for the fairy tale rending.


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