8 Christmas Cakes So Bad They're Good (For A Belly Laugh)

'Tis the season to count your wreckage.


1) This cup of "Coco"


2) A Holiday Joint

I think it's an elbow.


3) Gingerbread X-Rays



4) Santa?

Even he doesn't know what's on his head.


5) A Cluster Cluck of Wrapping Paper:

Actual Conversation Between Me and John Regarding This Cake:

Me: [zooming in on wrapping] "Um, can you tell what this is?"
John: [squinting] "That's Santa... holding an accordion."
Me: [pause] "Is Santa a chicken?"
John: [longer pause] "Yes, yes he is."


6) Santa's "Sleigh":

I think I deserve a gold medal for figuring this one out, you guys.


7) A Snowman, Probably:

See the scarf and hat?


8) Poo-dolf, the Leech-Nosed Colon Cleaner:

Ho Ho NO.


Thanks to Sherri B., Allie D., Heather G., Surlana, Amelia K., Sydney B., Julie A., & Jeffrey C. for making it rain, dear.


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