The Ballad of Sam Patrick

Ahh, St. Paddy's day. A day of rainbows:


A day of trash cans(?) filled with popcorn(??):


And, of course, a day of traditional Irish padlocks:

Which is where "St. Paddy's" comes from, of course.


Make sure you never call it St. Patty's, though, lest you incur the wrath of both internet commenters and fancy eyebrowed shamrocks:



Besides, we all know you're supposed to call it "Sam Patrick's Day."

Good guy, that Sam Patrick.


Though I hear his pick-up lines were terrible.

(To be fair, that "I'am" WOULD get you hissed.)


Well, happy Sam Patrick's day, everyone!

Oh, and don't forget to pick up your loaf of green snake bread on the way out:

It's what Sam would've wanted.


Thanks to Casey G., Tara G., Melissa S., Crista C., Gabriela N., Samantha G., & Erin R., who can't BELIEVE I didn't make a hissing snake joke there at the end. Sorry, guys.


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