Sarcasm "Awareness" Month

Over the years, I've noticed some of you don't "get" sarcasm. Which I totally understand! I mean, sarcasm is super hard. Really.

So. Let me help. Because I care. I really, really care.

Okay, let's say your company didn't meet a deadline, and they're going out of business.
You might buy your team a cake like this:

See? This says, "Way to drive the company into the ground with your total incompetence, you bunch of boobs I can't be bothered to list by name" without actually saying it!

Yay sarcasm!


Or maybe your sister is engaged, but they haven't set a date:

This says, "Common law still counts, right?"


Maybe your husband hasn't changed a diaper in 6 weeks because he's off playing Call of Duty. Again.

Passive aggression is soooo much better than attacking the Xbox with a weed wacker. Am I right?


Or maybe you just really, really don't like Kate.

"Huppy" Birhduy *Kate!

The black icing IS your gift, btw; you'll just get it delivered later, if you know what I mean. [eyebrow waggle]

Also "Good luck" figuring out what the asterisk is for.


Of course, when all else fails, there's still the direct approach:



They'll think you're kidding, but you'll know.

You'll know.


Thanks to Sara R., Erin C., Anony M., Laura E., Daniel A., Louise P., & Chris M. for these great cakes. No really. I mean it. You're all my heroes.


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