When They Go High, You Go Logo

I love a good hand-piped logo wreck. It says, "YAY TEAM!" without all that pretentious "artistry" and/or "talent."

For instance, bakers, you know that maybe three people in the world could recreate this logo in buttercream:

You KNOW it.


But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try!

Really captures the majesty.


Or how 'bout the Patriots logo? Impossible?

Of COURSE it's impossible!
It's not like you don't know you can't do it!

[pauses to re-read last sentence slowly, finally nods]


Do it anyway!

I always say apostrophes are for sissies.


I feel this is an EXCELLENT time to remind you all of one of my personal favorites:




And finally, anyone have a wing and a prayer?



Alllllllrighty, then.


Thanks to Alan W., Michele L., Mandy, & Sam T. for getting the Greatest American Hero theme song stuck in my head. Again. (Just me?)


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