Let's Have A Peek At You

I admit it, I don't know much about Pikachu. I'm a grown man, darnit! So when I watch cartoons, there better be turtles who eat pizza and use nun-chucks, is what I'm saying.

Also ponies. Big fan of ponies.

Still, even I know Pikachu is an adorable yellow... thing... that kinda looks like this:

Only with less mold.


Or like this:

"Kiiiiill killkillkillkill..."

Only with less homicidal eye-glinting.


You know what? Here. This is what Pikachu looks like:


And with such a handy reference, I'm sure your baker will have NO PROBLEM... er...

Never mind.



[Dramatic Narrator Voice] "Meanwhile, in Japan..."



Thanks to Lynae, Betsy M., Anony M., & Lauren S., who I hear has a compunction to capture the entirety. (LOOK GUYS I MADE A POKEMON JOKE!)


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