Wreck Busters!

It's National Paranormal Day, which makes this an EXCELLENT time to check your bakery for paranormal activity, wreckerators.

"You're right; no HUMAN BEING would decorate cakes like this."


Just think, if you find any, you can blame your wrecks on ghosts! Which sounds WAY cooler than blaming "Pam from the deli," 'cuz lets be honest, that's not fooling anyone. WE ALL KNOW THERE'S NO PAM.

Twenty five years of being the virtual scapegoat. Bummer.


OK, first things first: get a bunch of friends together, turn off all the lights, and film each other screaming in the dark.

"Okay, who brought the dog?!"

 Then, when everyone's good and winded, head over to the bakery to start checking for ghosts.


Now, sometimes the signs are incredibly subtle, so be on the lookout for anything even slightly "off."



There are a few common symptoms of spectral shenanigans, though:

1) Bleeding Cakes

Well there's something you don't see every day.


2) DVPs, or "Distorted Voice Phenomena"

"I swear that's what they said on the phone!"

Ahh, it's the unexplained sponge migration all over again.
(You forget: I WAS THERE.)



3) Inexplicable Creepiness







And hey, if any of you do see an actual ghost, I know exactly what to do:


And bring ice cream.


Thanks to Beth S., Lisa V., Carolyn, Jackie M., Marissa I., Victoria G., Cheryl C., Ana S., Brianne A., Rachel G., & Amy S. for picking up the phone and calling the prefessionals: WRECK BUSTERS.


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