In With The New

It's officially a new year, minions. A fresh start. A time to shake off the doldrums of 2016, and embrace the new adventures that await us in 2017.

Because you... are a unicorn.

A funky, plague-riddled unicorn.

...Or you could be mixed with a cheetah. Who also has plague.


And baby, you... are a firework.

Or maybe a fountain.

Depends how much you've had to drink.


And just like a kite on the wind, you... can SOAR.

...or crash, burn, and poop your pants.


So raise a glass - or half a mermaid


And let those balloons drop!

Or... escape the picnic basket?

I'll admit, the metaphor's getting a little muddied here.


Whatever. My point is, this year, minions, don't hang on to the wreckage of 2016.

Instead, look forward to the wreckage of 2017. You know, like this:



Thanks to Emma C., Kristine, Jessica C., Courtney R., Natalie K., & Greg T. for capturing the moment your daughter was pretty much all of us.


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