Sometimes bakers like to stretch themselves by making unusual object cakes. You know, stuff you don't usually see made into cake. Everyday things. Mundane things.

Stupid things.

Like this tiny broom.


And bikini bottoms:

JUST the bikini bottoms.

(Part of me wants to believe this is a Spongebob cake gone wrong.)


And this... tree?

Because when I think "festive party food," my first thought is, "I dunno, maybe a tree?"


Some conjoined pencils:

It's like those snap-and-share Popsicles, only ugly and harder to eat.


When I turn 44 I hope someone gets me a confusing baby shower cake:

Complete with lil' poo pile.

(It's a key. How do I know? YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.)
(Also Julie told me.)


And finally, there's this tall drink of water:

Which would be really boring if it weren't for the... captured tadpole.
(Yes, we're calling it a tadpole.)


Sooo, yeah. Way to stretch yourselves, bakers!



Thanks to Megan J., Heather F., K.B., Kathy B., Julie, & Leslie, who claims that "tadpole" rings a bell. [head tilt] Nope, I don't see it.


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