The Spoopy Problem With October Birthdays

A few of you remarked on my use of the word "spoopy" on Epbot last week, so I'd just like to point out that's totally a thing people say and/or write on cakes:



Like all fun new lingo we youngin's use [WHAT I'M YOUNG], this may confuse some of the less hip, less "with it," less "I have a Tumblr account and I know how to use it" crowd.


So just to be clear, bakers, "spoopy" is something you SAY, not something you try to illustrate:


And you thought having a birthday near a major holiday was crappy.



To the utter shock of absolutely no one, it turns out I have TWO spoopy birthday ghosts. This one is cuter, but more confusing:

I mean, why is the ghost spitting out poopy Junior Mints?

Or wait... WAIT.

Are those... Peppermint Patties?

I can't wait to reblog this on Tumblr once I get an account and figure out how to use it.


Thanks to Regina S., Brian M., & Amy S. for the minty fresh spoop.


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And from my other blog, Epbot: