One Line Horror Stories

I haven't kept up: Do people still do that thing on Twitter where they write horror stories in only 144 characters? Or did the politics get so scary that no one could tell the difference? (HEYOO.)

Anyway, I always liked the idea of fitting as much story into as few words as possible, so let's see if BAKERS can scare us in, say, 10 words or less. Eh?



"You know, most of that is technically edible."

(It's the ones that are true that are the most terrifying.)


"What misspellings?"


"Everyone can relax, I fixed it!"


"That'll be $65.99."


And perhaps the most frightening thing of all to hear from a baker:

"Hey, can I borrow your shoe?"

(Yes it's a real shoe. Because of course it is.)


Thanks to Michelle L., Susan G., Alyssa M., & Anony M. for putting her friend's best foot forward.


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