First Person To Comment On The M&Ms Gets To Explain It

When the edible images only stick to icing, but you're too lazy to frost the whole cookie:


We don't talk about the first one.


Here's another thing I guess we're not talking about?

Best to stand around awkwardly and see if anyone else notices.

(Then vehemently deny it when they do.)


I'm pretty sure they mean the soda, but tell me you don't want to drop this off in the break room when no one's looking:

::evil grin::


This next one isn't cake, but someone turned 4 pineapples into the members of KISS, soooo....


Please note Gene Simmons' tongue made out of watermelon rind.

That is all.


Thanks to Sarah A., Mike, Carissa R., John A., & Diane G. for the KISS and tell.


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