I Bet The Unicorn Wasn't The Only One Crying

You know those unicorn cakes that are all the rage right now? Like this?

(By Rosanna Pansino)


Well, this bakery tried to recreate one, and you guys...

It's just sad.

Huh. I always figured unicorn tears would be more glittery.




Megan's baker said she could make these Abby Cadabby cookies:

(By Pink Little Cake)


But instead, well, let's just say there were a lot of long faces at the party that day:


And finally, I think the next baker was trying to make this Tinkerbell cake:





Brace yourselves.



"Here's lookin' at you, screaming kid."


Thanks to Jean T., Megan P., & Paul P. for that PSA on the dangers of excess eyeliner.


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