Sunday Sweets Celebrates SEQUINS!

There's a sparkly new trend in cakes, and I think you're going to like it:



Like this!

(By Cakey Jane's in Buckinghamshire, UK)

Ahhh, pretty as a new penny - I'm always a sucker for shiny copper.


The trick seems to be combining just the right amount of sequin bling:

(By Patisserie V Marie in Ontario)

Look how the gold sets off the rest of the cake - it really does seem to sparkle!


I like the peek-a-boo effect of this one:

(By The Fondant Flinger in Washington state)

Plus you can see why so many sequin cakes are gold and pink; this color combination is heaven together.


Here's another:

(By Juniper Cakery in Yorkshire, England)

So dreamy with those soft ruffles!


I'm falling hard for this cobalt blue number:

(By Shannon Bond Cake Design in Kansas)

Look how the sequins drift up the cake, like they're floating!


And this metallic bronze, omigoodness:

(By Kara's Couture Cakes, full tutorial at the link!)


This one amps up the drama with velvety black and the shiniest gold leaf:

(By Karen's Kakes in Texas)


Which reminds me: how about some black sequins?

(By Eileen Fry Cakes in California)

So classic with the red roses!


Here comes another in copper, set off with a single magnolia on top:

(By Cakes Rock! in Austin, Texas)


And a whimsical little keyhole design worthy of Tim Burton:

(By Delice in Bulgaria)

I think this might be my favorite!


Ahh, but I haven't shown you any silver sequins yet, have I? So here's the grandest vintage beauty - like a 1920s flapper dress reborn in sugar:

(By Cake Heart Custom Cakes in Manitoba)


It's so beautiful.


Hope you guys enjoyed! Happy Sunday!


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