When Mickey Mouse Turns Into A Real Bozo

Jessie ordered this cute kitty design from her bakery's book:


Her bakery ran out of the printed paper, though, and then I guess also people who know how to decorate cakes:

Yowch. And I don't think that candle placement is helping any, Jessie. Do you have any large house plants instead? Maybe a pinata or two?


Shannon ordered a Minecraft sheet cake, which usually looks something like this:


Instead, she got what appears to be an Oscar-the-Grouch skin carpet on a dirty tile floor:

Double "yowch."


And finally, Jay ordered a true classic: a Mickey Mouse cake like this:


Somehow I think Jay's baker heard "Bozo the Clown," though:


...because THIS IS UNCANNY:

Thanks to Jessie W., Shannon M., & Jay F. for that case of "mouse-taken" identity.

(Yes that pun was tortured and I'm not even sorry.)


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