Sunday Sweets Goes Crazy Cat Lady

Cats are pretty awesome, you guys. The purrs, the head-butts, the constant disapproving stare that makes you question your life choices; they've got it all.

Kind of like this cutie-patootie kitty cake!

(By Tasteful Cakes in California)

Isn't it purr-fect?
(I'm getting the puns out of the way early. You're welcome.)


Check out this sweet vintage style:

[By Moja Slatka Radionica in Serbia]

D'awww. The ruffly roses are a sweet touch.


John and I have two new felines of mass destruction, both about 5 months old now, and for some reason this one reminded me of Eva after her spay day a few weeks ago:

[By Bake My Day By Marta Behnke]



Some delicate kitty silhouettes:

[By Stephanie's Cakes]

Look at those details! I love the pink yarn ball and little hair bow.


Also digging this cute cartoony style:

(By Cake by Agnieszka)

The little mice!


While this one is all about sleek lines:

[Baker unknown]

Change the color and it also works for Halloween!


This prosh little tabby is almost - ALMOST - upstaged by the incredible sweater texture below her:

(By Cakes Mogilev in Belarus)

Look at that "knit" sugar! And the little pom-poms!


Another kitty straight out of a story book:

[By Cakes Decor member Veronica in Slovakia]

All hand-painted!


This one screams - er, yowls? - "Paris" to me:

[By Sweetlake Cakes]

Look closely; some of the polka dots are paw prints.


And finally, a sweet kitty smile in the cheeriest pastels:

[By Natalia Casaballe]

Anyone else in the mood for cake right meow? :)


I hope these made you smile! Happy Sunday, everyone!


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