Sunday Sweets Celebrates Pink Flamingo Day!

It's Pink Flamingo Day, Sweets fans, and as a Floridian I feel it's my patriotic duty to bring you only the finest feathered cakes.

 (Vanille Couture, Mexico)

Plus I just like looking at them. Look how swoon-worthy!

(Mi Sweet Cake, Portugal)

Yep, you could say all other bird cakes don't have a leg to stand on.

[eyebrow waggle]

These hand-painted cookies make me wish flamingos really DID have purple tail feathers:

(Yasya Tort, Russia)

Although their real-life salmon pink is pretty enough for me - especially when paired with little teal ferns and mushrooms:

(Lesya Tort, Russia)


Are flamingos actually just swans on stilts?


(Little Button Bakery, UK)

I report, YOU DECIDE. 

(Also I love this pattern! Doesn't it look like alcohol ink art?)

Flamingos are so inherently silly looking - in the most elegant way, of course - that it's no wonder they're so popular right now. They're like nature's built-in reminder to never take yourself too seriously.

And also to wear more tutus:


(My Cake School, online tutorials)

YAY TUTUS!! Yasssss.

More black-and-white stripes, this time with a sprinkling of gold for drama:

(Sonho Doce, Rio de Janeiro)

I'm going to feature a rare NON-professional shot, because my friend Stephanie snapped these at her sister's wedding, and I am smitten:


(Le Petit Sweet, Florida)

See the flamingos hidden in the hand-painted floral pattern? I love that! And of course these colors are close enough to my OTP of teal and orange that they're tugging at my heart strings. ;) 

So-called "brush stroke cakes" are ALSO all the rage right now, so put the two together, and you've got the HEIGHT of cake-trend awesomeness:


(Baker unknown, help?)

I love this style because it's simple enough to fool us mere mortals into thinking we, too, can maybe decorate a cake someday. Maybe. But probably not.

Is it possible to have TOO much pink sugary things?




 (Cake Design By Sheri, Idaho)

I think that's pink cotton candy for their bodies, hee.

(Have you ever watched how bakers make these buttercream stripes? It's really cool!)

(Careful - or you, too, will have an IG feed full of bakers icing things.)

Here come more stripes (I guess I have a type?) with the SWEETEST sleepy flamingo cookie:

(Inspired to Taste, California)

Look at all these textures! The wing, the flowers, even the carefully spaced sprinkles feel like a piece of art.

And finally, a big 3D flamingo cake that reminds me of the one Alice plays croquet with, hee:

(Mon Cheri Cakes, Israel)

THAT FACE! Isn't he perfect?

He also reminds me - a little too much -  of the time I came nose-to-beak with an aggressively affectionate flamingo, and lived to tell the (hilarious) tale. Ah, memories. (Maybe eating a cake of Mr. Beady Eyes would give me closure. That's worth a shot, right? :D)

Happy Sunday, everyone! Now, go put on a tutu and eat some cake already.


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