Creepy Cakes

Sounds Like Easter To Me!

The warning signs were there, peeps.



::ominous hopping noises::

::ominous pause::

::ominous foot-scratching-ear sounds::

::followed by more ominous hopping::


Woe, my friends. WOE TO US ALL.

Especially the hot chicks.

They're always the first to go.

But then!

The bunnies will come for us!



::raspy breathing::


::sound of a long blade being sharpened::


What's that, you're afraid of clowns?


::sound of too-full balloons being twisted together verrrrrry slowly::

::without breaking eye contacting::

(As a former clown who used to make balloon animals, this one is legit terrifying.)

::loud crunching sounds::

"Pass the Doritos, please."

"Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be scary. Uhhhh... I've got it!


::sound of five other murder bunnies face-palming::

"Dangit, George..."


But all of that pales in comparison to the ultimate Easter Party Killer...

::long, drawn-out, slightly squeaky farting sound::

::explosive toot::


RIP, Easter dinners. You had a good run... but this one was runnier.



Thanks to Carol Z., Anony M., Daniel C., Dana S., Leslie M., Anony M., Mandy K., Valerie P., & Zakiya P. for find the Easter "Bunny" that keeps going and going and going...


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Freaky Friday

I've heard things can get a little creepy in bakeries after dark, but I'm sure that's all just in people's heads.

Er... right?




So, um... heh, say, what do you suppose is in this big hump?

I mean, not that I'm worried or anything...


But seriously, WHAT'S IN THE HUUUUMP?


Well, golly, look at the time!

I really must be goAAAAAAAUUUGH!!


Please don't open your eyes, please don't open your eyes, pleasedon'topenyoureyes...



Thanks to Jeremy C., Alana F., Karin K., Nicole B., Rose C., & Anony M. for not including pics of just the eye on a plate. Because I need to sleep again someday.



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