Jen Tells An Easter Story

Gather round, little Easter cakes, and I'll tell you a story.

"Is it a scary story?"



"But I don't LIKE scawwy stowies."




Oh, ok, ok. I'm sorry. Don't cry. Hey, you know what? It actually ISN'T a scary story, it's a happy, funny story. 

So Wilhelm, you can stop holding your breath now:




Ok, here we go. 

Once upon a time - a really FUNNY, HAPPY time - a group of bunny rabbits found a field filled with the most enormous carrots.

"Did one of the rabbits have all his legs sprouting from his chest upside down and backwards, too?

 Yeah, sure.


"Yay! Harold's in the story!"

 Yes, yes, it's wonderful. 


 Ok. So. Suddenly, the giant carrots in the field rose up and ATE ALL THE BUNNIES.


 And the bunnies were all, "AAA! We're being eaten by giant carrots!"



 "Uh, that doesn't seem very happy OR funny...."

 Well, the rabbits thought it was very funny to be eaten.



Now why are YOU guys crying?


 [sniffling] "You said this was a GOOD story."


 It is! I just haven't gotten to the best part yet! See, next a bunch of little chickens came along and found these ENORMOUS chocolate chip cookies lying around. And then the FUNNIEST thing ever happened. Haha! Can you guess? Well, can you?


You know what, never mind. It's nap time. THE END.


Thanks to Caroline V., Allison N., Rachael J., Adash, Brian & Courtney, KJ, Robin G., Carrie M., Anne B., Su M., Twist, & Larissa B. for helping show why I'm such a terrible babysitter.