Sunday Sweets: It's a Jungle Out There!

Hello, and welcome to our Sunday Sweets Photo Safari! Please keep your hands and feet inside the bus and please, no flash photography.

If we're lucky, we'll see at least a few wild animals today...

Look, over there! The King of Beasts, surveying his domain! Go ahead, grab some pictures. Mrs. Stevens, remember to turn off your...

By Made With Love By Me

... flash.

By Highland Bakery


Yeah, flash can -- uh -- agitate the animals. Got that now? Cool.

Let's move on, so Leo can calm down a little.


To our left, you'll see a gazelle! Look at him run!

By ANe Cakes

(All handpainted...)


Oh, and also off to the left, you'll see Kilroy.

By Michelle SugarArt

He likes to let us know he was here.

Everybody wave to Kilroy!

(Hi Kilroy!)


Now, everybody look around. Kilroy usually hangs out with... yep! There they are!

By Rosebud Cakes

Giraffes! And yes, he is cute, Mrs. Stevens, but you can't keep him.


By Kandy Cakes

Well, he already has a Mom. (D'awwww.)


You wouldn't want to keep this guy, anyway. He looks pretty fierce!

By Tiger Lily Cakes

No, Mrs. Stevens. He's really not "just a big, ol' kitty cat." Fortunately he's sleepy now, though, so the other animals are out.


See, look, the zebras are making an appearance! By those flowering bushes, there.

By Cake Central member ycKnits

They usually come out this time of day to drink at the watering hole. They'll drink as soon as the hippos leave.

By KD Creations

Ah, there they go now! No, Mrs. Stevens, they don't want a sandwich. Put that away.


Look! Up there in the trees! I thought we might see some monkeys today!

By Cake Girls

Ok, who brought the crate of bananas?
Mrs. Stevens? REALLY?


Well, this is a rare treat! Here comes a rhino!

Submitted by Jenn L., made by Highland Bakery

That horn means business, though, so we're going to give this guy a wide berth.


Well, let's head on back. You've had an exceptional photo safari today! Usually, we see just two or three animals, and they're generally pretty shy. Today...

What? Look behind me? Why?

By Cake Central member Karen Padilla

Alright, now they're just messing with us. Time to leave, folks.


But first, Mrs. Stevens, if you would please open your purse?

By Kingfisher Cakes

A-HA! I knew it!

I think Animal Planet wants a word with you, ma'am.


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