Sunday Sweets: Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog Day!

You know what that means:

If this little fella sees his shadow, we'll have six more weeks of Winter.

(By Highland Bakery)


That's right. Six more weeks of swirling flakes,

(By Emma Jayne Cake Design)


sparkling icicles,

(By The Chocolate Strawberry)


meandering drifts,

(By Planet Cake)


and finding new and exciting ways to get to work.

(By Coastal Cake Company)


Maybe some penguins can hitch an iceberg north and visit friends...

(By Not Quite Nigella)


...while the rest of us keep warm with lots of nice, hot cocoa.

(By The Cake GalleryNY)


Still, after the "Polar Vortex -- and no, the cool name does not make up for the COLD temperatures -- I think most of us would be happy if the prognosticating rodent went shadowless this year, ushering in an early spring.

Won't spring be great?

Sure, there'll be April showers,

(By Torte Di Ivana)


but that's how we get May flowers!

(By Sweet and Saucy Shop)


We'll soak up lots of sunlight,

(By Oh Sugar!)


and the woods will be awash with lush new plants,

(By Wild Orchid Baking Company)


drowsy fawns,

(By CakeCentral member Omrani Cakes)


butterflies and ladybugs.

(By Tea Party Cakes)


Ah, bliss...

Tell ya what, Punxsutawney. Why don't you just sleep in this year? We'll let you know what happens.

Sweets dreams.


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