Kiss Off!

This meeting of Leprechauns Who Can't Get Kissed on St. Patrick's Day (LWCGKSPD) will now come to order. Welcome, supernatural wee folk!

Now, let's go around the circle and share the excuses we got this year. Seamus?

"Well, I'm not sure it's an excuse per se, but most of them yelled a lot about me getting out of their bedrooms."


"A few said something about Hallie Tosis, but I've never even heard o' the lass!"


"They said I was too hairy." [belch]


"Too blonde."




Oooh, rough luck, guys. Clover joins us this year as an honorary member. Clover, how'd your St. Paddy's go?

"They said I was too needy. Me! Oh, and apparently crying is a 'turn-off.' So, you know, long story short: NOBODY got lucky."


"Hey, speak for yourself, Clover! A pack of pretty young things told me me nose reminded 'em of Owen Wilson!

"Best. St. Paddy's. EVER!"


Thanks to Sam G., Claire O., Gwynn R., Dan B., Tangie H., Jennifer M., & David B. for making sure that glistening schnoz will be haunting my dreams tonight. [shudder]


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