Christmas Creep-Off

It's a Christmas Creep-Off!

Hit us with your best shots, bakers!

Oooh, now that's creepy.


But this is creepier. [shudder]



I mean, er, points for finding a way to make a candy cane look like it's made from someone's collection of skin suits, bakers. That's... that's really something. [backs away slowly]


Hey, ever wonder what Richard Kind would look like with shaved eyebrows?

(This is Richard Kind.)



Yep, nailed it. So why am I terrified? How DO you do it, bakers?


Hey, ever had a reeeeally bad sunburn?

And then wanted to eat it?

Then this Christmas, YOU ARE IN LUCK.


K, I'm calling it: that's definitely the creepiest.


Thanks to Danica G., Patrick M., Robyn B., Sheri P., & Lindsay L. for the Christmas face-off. (Ew.)


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