Kringle Fails

♫ Dashing people's hopes ♪

That their cakes will be OK


Is that yellow snow??

Kids have cried all day!


♫ What's this blobby thing?

Making eyebrows rise


So many ways to wreckorate!

Did Rudolph kill tonight?



♪ Kringle fails


Kringle fails

Santa's not OK


Better run, this isn't right

It's a one-course wrecky tray!



♪ Kringle fails


♪ Kringle fails


Rudolf says, "NO WAY"

♫ Oh what fun it is to chide


Especially to-daaaay!

Merry Chirtmas, everybody!


Thanks to Annette V., Renee R., Jennifer C., Brooke I., Christie C., Kelly C., Sulenna, Cherise W., Lauren A., & Danielle R. for the holiday jeer. Stay sane out there, e'erbody!


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