From This Day Fourth

It's May the Fourth, my friends, and you know what that means.

Time to cut up some old Star Wars posters and jam 'em in icing!!

Just look how excited algae-dusted Jabba is.

(Or... wait, is that not his mouth? I mean, I think I see nostrils below it, so... ohhh, THERE'S his mouth, way down there! Oknevermind.)


Did you have something to add, Darth?

Didn't think so.


Of course I could show you more Star Wars wrecks, my dear minions, but instead I'm going to be a rebel [snerk] and show you some AWESOMENESS.

Like this:

(By Lily's Cakes)


And this:


And this!!


And now a Storm Trooper on the toilet reading Top Gear, because why not:

Let's hope their aim is better in the bathroom.



And finally, the most epic awesomeness of all:

Darth Vader dueling a Care Bear riding a My Little Pony AT-AT:


You continue to win the internet and at life in general, padawan Sarah.
(Remember her last few Vader cakes?)


So, to sum up:

May the 4th be with you.


(And hey, J.J., don't screw this up. We're counting on you.)


Thanks to April S., Desirae, Angela H., Ashley M., Heather P., Janet, Jess & Sarah, & Megan O. for the Force-full wreckporting.


Update from john: The guy on the toilet is not Stig. Stig wears a solid white jumpsuit and a motorcycle helmet. This guy is wearing a storm trooper outfit and a storm trooperish helmet. Also, there's a blaster on the back of the toilet. As everyone knows, Stig keeps a flame thrower on the back of his toilet. Totally different. Also, that is clearly a space toilet. You can tell by how spacey it looks. You're welcome. -john (thoJ)


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