Shower The People You Love With... NOT THAT

So, you're throwing a baby shower? Sweet!


Now, you may want the cake to say something about the baby's gender.


Or perhaps a sweet sentiment for the mom-to-be.


Don't let the bakery choose your decorations, though, or you could end up like Jennifer L, who spent her party trying to figure out what this was supposed to be:



Spoiler Alert: It's a butt. A disembodied butt.

Remember the days of baby blocks and teddy bears? Yeah. Those were nice days.


Speaking of confusing baby shower designs...

I see a pox-covered pig covering his eyes.



By this point, dear reader, perhaps you've decided to nix the cake and just make cookies instead.


I recommend something that celebrates life, creation, and of course, getting lucky:

It's a rainbow cookie cutter.



Thanks to Jessica D., Meaghan P., Jennifer L., Aixa L., & Aimie T. for sharing both her pot of gold AND her gutter. I'd tell you to get your mind outta there, Aimie, but the rest of us like the company.


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