The Giving Spree

It's been six months since Valentines day, minions, so CLEARLY you need a refresher in romance.
And CLEARLY I am the one to give it. Because CLEARLY I am a giver. (Shush, John.)


Maybe try one of these?


- Play some sexy music

When in doubt, go with the classics.


- Recite a romantic poem

Why are there only 2 ducks? I'm so glad you asked.
Because you put the 3rd somewhere... wet.
Like the bath tub.


- Wear something daring to bed

Like clown pants.


- Play Doctor



And finally, if you're feeling really adventurous....

- Try picking up hot chicks together

Mmm. Melty.
Now, let's go spark some romance, peeps!


Thanks to Jan B., Katie C., Jillian I., Jude M., & Liberty for discovering true poultry in motion.

Note from john- Jen assures me that the kitty simply had a booboo and the nice vet was making it all better so it could frolic with its friends.


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