I May Be The Only One Seeing A Dong Here, And I'm OK With That

You know that old joke about the horse that goes into a bar, and the bartender asks, "Hey buddy, why the dong face?"

I mean, I've heard of a stiff upper lip before, but this is ridiculous.


I guess he's feeling a little... let down... over these other unicorn wrecks:

[head tilt]

Is it just me, or does this get more confusing the longer you look at it? I mean, is that second eye a nose? And is that her neck... or her mouth? What... what... what.


This next order was on a strict "need to know" basis:

Sorry, Ben; sadly your baker needed to know reading comprehension.


And finally, here's one I KNOW beyond any shadow of doubt is a unicorn... because there's a small picture of a unicorn beside it:

Well played, baker. WELL PLAYED.


Thanks to Danielle L., Amy P., Tanner C., & Sara P., who I know are all super proud of me for not making a single "horny" joke. IT WAS REALLY HARD, YOU GUYS.


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