And Remember:

What are you guys talking about? Our education system is fine. Really.

I just love getting the spoils after a victorious Wreckporter's first hunt. Here's what Lillian J. had to say:

"I thought that being a wreckhunter would be challenging, to say the least. There really couldn't be that many grocery store bakers that were as artistically challenged/borderline illiterate as your blog would suggest, right? After all, you have the agents fanning the entire country hunting down these elusive gems! I thought it would be months - nay, years! - until I saw one in real life. Still, I figured I'd give it a go. Imagine my giddy astonishment when I bagged this prime specimen on my very first wreckhunt!"

Excellent work, Lillian. You're a tiger. A wreck-hunting tiger.