How Many Blogs Have Tribute Parties?

Not many, I'm thinking. I mean, most people go to parties to drink heavily, perch awkwardly on couch armrests, and play Scrabble. (Or is that just parties I go to?) But not Wrecks readers - nosirree. They get together to drink heavily and make Wreckplicas!

This is the handiwork of Wreckerators Marilyn N. and friends. Look familiar? And oh yes, it is a CCC: these girls didn't overlook any details. I think the coconut icing and pink bow with "it a gril!" inscription really add something, too.

Then there's this one from Mary C.:

It's even a "real" Wreck; she and her friends brought in a photo of the original Tom Selleck cake to the bakery and had a decorator copy it. Sure, the chest hair can't compare, but I think you'll agree that this brooding Neanderthal Tom is a real piece of work.

And Maggie H. provided her boyfriend Cody with a birthday Wreckplica of his favorite Wreck:

Wow, the carrot jockeys have grown, Maggie! ;) Glad to see they haven't lost their mohawks, though.

Good work, everyone!