The Most Disturbing Cake EVER

[NOTE - The original photo was removed at the baker's request. This cake is merely a similar style, to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. ;) ]

Great burrowing baby bottoms, Batman!

Wow. Here's a cake you could never photograph from the backside, eh? (Get it, "backside"?) Seriously, let's count the ways in which this cake is oh-so-wrong, shall we?

1) There is a baby butt on it
2) There is no corresponding baby head to the baby butt
3) To be in this position, the baby would have to be buried alive inside the cake (aw, what a cute concept!)
4) Two lucky individuals are going to get to play "These Little Piggies" with their mouths
5) Did I mention there is a baby butt on it?

Karen F., bottom's up!