FHOTD, This One's For You

So my adorable hubby, who pays far more attention to this stuff than I do, tells me that yesterday nearly 5,000 of you were referred to Cake Wrecks from a blog about horses. Which, you know, is a little odd. But hey (or should I say, "hay"?), I'm not complaining. Welcome, horse lovers!! Well, I mean, horse-riding lovers, nothing sick or anything... Wait, horse-riding doesn't sound any better...Geez, uh...

Here's a cake for ya'll, anyway:

In case you're wondering, it's a horse butt. Because, you know, all the cake baby butts were getting SO last week.

I am kind of curious about the "Good luck in life with Lacy & Tina" thing, though. The most charitable route would be to assume Lacy & Tina are themselves horses. If not, whoever commissioned this cake has a whole lotta 'splainin to do.

And Shara S., I agree: the tail IS rather worrisome.