New Tees!

Inspired by my Dino-Mite post, Tara Cox of Flying Penguin Artworks made me a fantastic "Cake Rex" illustration. I liked it so much that I asked her if I could share it with all of you on a t-shirt, and she graciously agreed. Check it out:

Cake Rex! shirt

This next one is the work of Maree Adams of Work at Home Designs. Maree is a hugely talented and extremely patient individual, as she's been working with me on this illustration since well before we even began offering shirts here on Wrecks:
At one time I was thinking of making this guy the site's logo. That's still up in the air for now, but in the mean time I really wanted to share Maree's work with all of you. So, naturally, I stuck it on a shirt:
Cute Carrot Jockey shirt

Like all shirts on Zazzle, you can get these in men's or kids' styles as well as the women's ones shown. You can also customize colors and even the graphic's size. Check out the other styles available in the Cake Wrecks Zazzle store here.

And as always, send me your shirt graphics! If I use them I'll link to your store or site here on the blog.