Show and Tell

I have to say, you Wreckies are an impressive bunch. Not only do you enjoy making some intentional Wreckage and/or beautiful Sweets in your off hours, but you also take the time to e-mail me cake stories - both hilarious and heart-warming - along with your photos. I had some particularly good e-mails this past week, and realized it'd been far too long since I shared any with the rest of the class. So, here ya go.

Remember that lovely Unicorn cake I featured a while back on Sunday Sweets - the one based on the tapestry? Well, Johanna's sister loved it. So for her birthday, Johanna decided to get her sister a cake that looked exactly like the Unicorn cake. And it does. See?


This could be the best use of a photo cake I've seen, Johanna. Excellent.

Patrick B. got a little more hands-on, and decided to recreate the horrific dolly-cake himself. I think his version might even be a bit better, though:

Patrick, this cake brings a particular childhood memory to mind...
[cue flashback harp music]
Yes, I remember it well: I was about 6 years old, and watching my mother put on her make-up in the bathroom mirror. I was so absorbed I didn't realize that the toilet seat was up until I sat down - with a splash. Ah, misty, water-colored memories...

And finally, I'm pleased as spiked punch to report that Cake Wrecks is officially The Blog of Champions. Check it out:

That, my friends, is Breanna K., the Best in Show winner of the AZ Cake and Sugar Art Show held last weekend. And yes, she is wearing a Cake Wrecks shirt. Woohoo!

Breanna, mad props for showing your Wrecky loyalty at a cake show, and for doing such an amazing job with your tutu cake. Can you believe she's not even a professional, guys? Wow, maybe there's hope for the rest of us, eh?

And to all the rest of you who have e-mailed me in the past: thank you! I may not be able to answer you all individually, but I really do enjoy and appreciate every single one of your e-mails!