Wreckie Grad Shows Us How It's Done

Allison must have the best sister ever. Just look at what she made for Allison's graduation party:

Awwww yeeeeeaaaah. Now THAT is a graduation cake, my friends.

Allison writes,

"Most of the partygoers didn't get why I was dying of laughter when I saw it. It was the best cake anyone has ever given me, and was well worth three years of graduate school just for the cake! The best part was waking up the next day to the dozens of naked baby graduates she had hidden all over my house: in my shower, on my pillow, on my computer, in the kitchen cupboards, and wherever else I haven't found yet."

That cake plus a Carrot Jockey Hunt? Wow. You lucked out in the sibling department there, Allison.

Now, those of you graduating soon, I think you know what to do.

Call Allison's sister.