Curbing Their Enthusiasm

I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about these cakes seems to be a little, uh...

anticlimactic? [smirk]

Well, less than enthusiastic, anyway.

Then there are the smart alecs:


At least you can always count on your co-workers to wish you well:

From what I hear, unless Jenn detonates Tabasco-soaked barbed explosives in her hoo-haw for a living, then odds are the delivery is gonna be a BIT more "pain full then" her job. But that's just what I hear. ;)

And we all have those friends who are especially supportive:

All things considered, though, this last cake is definitely the most inconceivable:

Yep, nothing says "Yours is a tragedy that might have been avoided" quite like a cake decorated with real birth control pills. For the women of Oregon! Onward!

Becca S., Lisa S., Ying K., Brittany C., Jenn M., Erin K., & Emily S., this thread on what childbirth feels like is probably the most effective (not to mention hilarious) contraception I've seen.

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NOTE: No, that last one wasn't really a baby shower cake - but wouldn't it've been funny if it was?