A Floridian's Fall Trip

[running in] YOU GUYS! Did you know it's FALL?!?

Seriously! Fall! Already!

I think I just pooped a pumpkin!

At least I'm not the only one.

So, now that I know it's officially "Fall," I think I'll kick off my flip-flops, crank the air down to 78 (which may take a while, since it's [checking temperature] ooh, down to 92!), and then find some great Fall cakes to get me in the spirit of the season.

Let's see...[rifling through e-mail]...aha! Here we go:

Uh, perhaps we're "going" a bit too literally. (On a steeeck!)

Well, thank goodness for big plastic leaves, at least:

I mean, just try to imagine this pair without them. [shudder]

And what says "Fall" better than a bunch of plastic leaves?

A bunch of plastic leaves with the WORD "Fall," that's what. (Word.)
I like how the Wreckerator impaled all the leaves Ninja-style into the icing, too. It really says, "Psst. Hey. Are these leaves dead... or deadly?"

Well, one thing's for sure: when the Pod People come, this will make them think twice before going after the Wreckerators.

You know, an optimist would say these scarecrows are half icing, half plastic:

...a pessimist would say they're just half-a$$ed.

It's a swirl! It's a flame! It's...


So in closing...

...Happ Fall Ya'll

Anony M., Michelle G., Peche, Claire, Steven W., Lora, Jen L., & Lindsey & Chris B., I love that cake. No Y?