Sunday Sweets: At Your Service

For Thanksgiving this year, we thought we'd show you some really fantastic turkey cakes.

[looking around] [checking Google] [lifting up sofa cushions]

Huh. Right then.

For Thanksgiving this year, we thought we'd show you some really fantastic cakes that honor our firefighters, police officers, and medical professionals. These brave women and men do so much for us, so today we're gonna say thanks the sweetest way we know how:

With cake.

(I feel like that kinda goes without saying, but I didn't want you thinking we were going to show you some greeting cards or flower arrangements or big piles of money or something. Yeah. So, I suppose we should get started.)

Check it out: this cake has working lights!

Made by Connie1027

I'm also totally loving the little fire hydrant on the grass.

Check out this amazing firefighter's hat, also known as a "helmet."*

Submitted by Weslynn B. and made by Persnickety Cakes

*I actually looked that up just to make sure it wasn't called something technical like "Polycarbonate aspirated obsequious cranial protective unit," or... something.

Next we have a kickin' firefighter wedding topper:

Made by Tortenfiguren

Don't you love how the hose looks just like a hose? You know, as opposed to...uh...something else?

And speaking of hoses:

Found at the 2008 Orlando ICES Convention; baker unknown.

A real antique fire hose: the perfect compliment to any awesome firefighter cake. Oh, and I'd very much like a chocolate fire truck right now. Mmmm chooooocolate...

And for our final firefighter cake, I give you: Disney characters!

Submitted by Diane M; found here and made by Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons

Say, I think this may be the first time I've seen Mickey on a cake where it wasn't copyright infringement. Heh.

And now on to our boys and girls in blue:

Made by Made To Be Delicious

Or, ya know, England's boys and girls in blue. Um... Oi! 'At's a right smart 'elmet, guvna!

Ah, here's an American police cake:

By Cindy's Cakery

Nice detail!

Here's a shout-out to the K-9 Units out there:

Made by Creative Cake Designs


And finally, the perfect cake topper to transition us into the medical profession:

Made by Sleepy Robot 13

A robot policeman marrying a robot doctor.

(Told you it was perfect.)

Some amazing sculpted cupcakes:

I love that the pill pack is perforated, and the thermometer is registering a healthy 98.6.

And how fun is this?

I believe that's a saxophone in a medical bag. Before you ask: I don't know. I'm gonna go out on a limb here, though, and say this was for the 105th birthday of the Greater Saskatchewan St. Mary's General Hospital Medical Practitioners Naked Marching Band. Or maybe that's my wishful thinking talking.

Nurses, this one's for you:

Spotted at the 2008 Orlando ICES Convention; made by Sweet Ashley's.

I'm in awe: look at the bow made of (gumpaste) Band-aids! And the pill sprinkles!

This may be the only time you'll ever see edible tweezers:

I call dibs on the knee bonker doohickey! Oh, and the blue pills. [eyebrow waggle]

And finally, for our paramedics, EMTs and ambulance drivers:

Yeah. On top of everything else, this baker can totally write backwards. Rock on, Bake-Me-A-Cake. Rock on.

This post is dedicated to Josh, a firefighter who passed suddenly last week, and to everyone else who dedicates their lives to serving and protecting their fellow man. Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

And for the rest of us: let's find someone to thank in person this week, ok?

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