May The Fourth Be With You

So for some reason I started Wrecky Wedding Week before realizing that today is Star Wars Day. Whoops! Can't let something like that go by uncelebrated, now, can I? But I also wanted to stick to my wedding cake theme, so...


He is the terror that flaps in the night. He is...Darth Vader!!
On your Precious Moments wedding cake.
Just 'cuz.

(P.S. Whoever did this is my hero.)

[NOTE: THIS IS NOT A WRECK. I just thought it was funny, and it's a wedding cake with a Star Wars tie-in. So...yeah. Sometimes I post well-made cakes that I find funny. I'm sorry if this confuses you. It will be alright; we'll get through this together. Unless you start complaining about how well-made these cakes are. Then you'll be alone. So, so alone. (Unless someone else complains - at which point you'll BOTH be alone, together. [kinky])]

Another great topper:

Just don't ask which one is the Wookiee.

You *have* seen the dead Tauntaun wedding cake by now, right? Well, just in case...

(Via Great White Snark, The Official Star Wars Blog, and pretty much the entire Internet.)

This was actually made by one of my all-time favorite cake artists: Courtney from Cake Nouveau. Yes, it has entrails. Yes, it's disturbing on pretty much every level there is. But - BUT! - Courtney also posed for this picture:

And that makes it alllll better. [big geeky grin] Love ya, Courtney!
Please don't shoot me.

And finally, may the force be with us:

...because with this much black fondant, we are going to need it.

Also, they really should do something about those bulkhead doors that slide down. Ouch.

Sam B., Susan E., & Clare, are any of you seeing a white top hat under Vader there? Or is that just me?

Oh, and for more hilarious Star Wars wreckage (with some Sweets mixed in) check out the guest post I did last month for Neatorama here. It's hilarious. Trust me.