Gorilla Tactics

Customer: "Hi, there. I'd like a cake that looks something like this:

...Can you do that?"

Wreckerator: "Oh sure! We do these all the time. You want some sprinkles on it? Might add a little something!"

Customer: "Er, no."

Wreckerator: Okey-doke-aroony! [folds arms and nods head, Jeannie-style]


Customer [recoiling in horror]: Holy Schnikes! What is that?

Wreckerator: Not quite perfect? Here, I'll try again.


Customer: Um. Maybe this was a bad idea...

Wreckerator: No! Wait! I can do this!


Customer: I'm pretty sure that's a pig...


Customer: Riiight. Well, I think we're done here...

Wreckerator: Wait! Forget the monkey! [shuffling photos] How about these lovely palm trees?

Customer: Well, I really wanted the monkey...

Wreckerator: [straining]


Customer: You know, I think I'll just grab a box of cake mix and can of frosting instead.

Thanks to Tiffany, Jenelle R., Sam L., Sabra L., and Trish S., who are all cheeky monkeys, because I say so.