A Picture is Worth What Now?

I know, I know, sometimes you're in a hurry, and you have to grab just any ol' cake off the shelf for your party.


Why this one?

If you're fishing for a compliment, then that's strike one.


And if you bring this home to celebrate your sixth anniversary?

Well, let's just say there are other fish in the sea. Who can spell.


Wow, I'm so glad they remembered the glass slipper on Dad's cake!

The pink purse alone was just a little too cliché, you know?


It's not always a case of last-minute cake decisions, though; sometimes people choose this stuff intentionally.

And you thought dinosaurs were agnostic.


This cake was part of a Breast Cancer Awareness display:

Is that Coraline's creepy button-eyed Other Mother?

We can only hope.


Speaking of cakes that will blow your mind, how about a dust mite encouraging you to have healthy digestive regularity?

And darned if I just don't want to disappoint the little fella, too.


Thanks to Wreckporters Kati, Theresa G., Mark R., Danielle N., Anony M., & Kaitlin.