Mmmm, Crunchy!

Hey, kids! Do you know what day it is?!

It's Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

[Kermit flail]



Yep, today is the day when you can take anything and everything and cover it in CHOCOLATE!!!

And you thought chocolate-covered bacon was awesome.


Caught a fish on your camping trip?

Cover it in chocolate!


Wolf Spider crawling on you in the middle of the night?



There's literally no end to the things you can cover in chocolate!

Right, guys?



Hang on.

Dipped or sculpted?

[grabbing baker by lapels]



Well, whichever it is, you're going to larva this one:


 Okay, seriously. Japan? We need to talk.

[putting arm around Japan]

Look, I get it. You're fun! You're kooky! Hello Kitty and tentacles and all that. But chocolate covered beetles? Really? Is that even a thing?

It is?


Well, could you at least make them a little less creepy?

Apparently not.


Thanks to Kristina M., Cattie P., Jessica C., Amy M., & D.L., who will never look at that chocolate fountain in Golden Corral the same way again.



Quick Note: Hiya, guys.  Here at Cake Wrecks, we have right at 600,000 regular visitors.  I've met a lot of you, and I can say with some authority that you are all awesome. Seriously.  

So we're doing this Charity Countdown thing, and we're trying to raise five grand for 8 pretty cool charities. That means, if my math is right, that one out of 600 readers would have to give a buck a day for 8 days and we'd meet our goal.  

One person out of 600.  8 bucks total.  A frozen lasagna is 8 bucks. 

So.  Be the one.  Go here and do it.  It'll make you feel good, and that little will help someone a lot.

And thanks for being awesome.

 - john (the hubby of Jen)