Sunday Sweets: Totally '80s

Heyyoooooou guuuuuuuys!

That's right: put your hair in scrunchies and peg your jeans; it's about get all eighties up in here!

Sorry if I got your hopes up for a Goonies cake just now (that would be an entire post in itself), but how about an awesome Gremlin cake to whet your '80s appetite?

By eat Cakes

It's sweet little Gizmo! (This movie terrified me as a child. Possibly as an adult also).


I was born and raised in the '80s (and the U.S.A! Bruuuuuuuuuce!) so I totally remember getting a Rubik's Cube in my Christmas stocking ... aaand throwing it against the wall ten frustrating minutes later. Obviously mine was defective.

Submitted by Mira C; baker unknown. Photography by bunchofpants.

But there's nothing puzzling about this great cake, because it's hip to be square!


And speaking of squares ...

Submitted by Kim D. and made by The Cake Shop of San Jose

...that was the only thing I could ever produce on my Etch-a-Sketch. Well, that and stairs. Ahh, memories! I love the Superman logo here, it's a double dose of nostalgia!


If you were also a child of the eighties, I bet you can't look at this next cake without the theme song to Super Mario Bros plinking through your head.

By Icings by Ang

(Bing ding ding, da-ding da-ding!) I know you know what I'm talking about.


Or, if you preferred to get your video game fix by hoofing it down to the Qwick Stop with a pocket full of quarters, this might look familiar to you:

Submitted by Jenn F-S and made by Sweetest Perfections

Dragon's Lair! A total classic, and if that cake is life-size it could easily be the raddest thing I've seen all year.


And here are some familiar faces — Tom & Jerry, Spider-Man, Superman, and Looney Tunes to name a few. And Thundercats! HOOOOOO!

Submitted by Melissa K. and made by The Ladygloom

Although,I do see a few stowaways from the '90s getting a little ahead of themselves in there (I'm looking at you, SpongeBob). But to be fair, do you remember Pillow People? Pretty sure those were the early ancestors of SpongeBob.


These colorful confections are sure to make you smile:

Submitted by Jennifer V. and made by The Ladygloom

"Friendship is magic!" And so is cake! Especially when it's this cute! Wasn't Pinkie Pie everyone's favorite My Little Pony? (Or did you prefer that seahorse spin-off thing, Seawinkle? That one was weird).


Hey, Color Kids! Remember Twink, the loveable sprite sidekick of Rainbow Brite? Of course you do!

By Lisa A.

This wasn't made by a professional baker, but it's a) ten zillion times better than I could ever do, and b) so adorable I want to give it a hug!


Hang on a sec. I have to make a call. Because there's something strange ... in my neighborhood.

By Brendy's Cakes

Slimer! Check out all the great details on the Ectomobile here: that logo is spot-on perfect. I ain't afraid of no ghosts!(Ok, I admit ... I was also terrified of this movie as a child.)


And if you are craving more '80s hit movie cakes, may I present: Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Submitted by Shannon and made by Cakes by Jeanine

At least ...I think that's the movie this cake represents. Is this the one with the torture pit of lava? And the little snakes coming out of the big snake for people to eat? Yeah, still having nightmares.


Maybe I'll go cuddle my Cabbage Patch Kid for comfort.

Submitted by Jen M. and made by Charm City Cakes

OutSTANDING. Ha, get it?!


Yup, anyway you slice it,

By KAMI Cakes


...the '80s like, totally rocked!

by The Cake Barn


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