Estonian Kissing Day

According to The Repository Of All Knowledge And Wisdom In Our World (aka, Wikipedia) today might be a Valentines-ish type of day in some remote corner of the world or potential worlds. In fact, I'm almost 63% sure that today is, in fact, "Kissing Day" in the western region of Estonia.

Or was that on Epsilon Ceti B II?

Whichever, the point is that I can post old Valentine's cakes without fear of the "fact" police getting all up in my cakey "business."

Now, kiss me, you piece of...chocolate!

After all, you alone hold my heart:

Not to mention my bowels.

What, still not convinced? Then allow me to inscribe a few sweet nothings for you.


[finger gun]

[double wink + finger gun combo]

[licking fingers and smoothing eyebrows]

SO...are you a puddle of oozing desire yet?


Ok, time to break out the big guns:

[tongue waggle]

(You know, whether you read that as a command or an adjective, it's equally romantic.)

[tiger pose]


Need I say more?

Yeah. I didn't think so.

Thanks to Meagan M., Greg M., Kimberly B., Amber T., Natsk, Amy I., Rebekah K., Michael D., & Kyra, who always talk smack when they're feeling peckish, but still refuse to give me any lip.