We Moved!


If you can read this, that means you've successfully navigated to our new website. And if you didn't even realize you had navigated to our new website, then we'll just be congratulating ourselves, uh thankyouverramuch.

You RSS subscribers may have noticed some "wonkiness" with our feed. Sorry 'bout that. It should be fully functional from here on out, though, so there's no need to make any changes to your existing subscription.

As for the rest of you, you may want to double check that you've bookmarked us at CakeWrecks.com to avoid the extra few seconds our redirect from blogspot will take you.

John and I (but mostly John) have been working on this move for nearly two months, and we're super excited to be in our new virtual digs. If you haven't been able to see our photos at work in a long time, check again; you should be able to now. Load time should also continue to improve (we're continuing to work on that), although it's already faster for some of you.

If you notice any problems with the site: pictures not showing up, broken links, etc., please let us know by commenting on this post or via e-mail. We'll be hunting down and fixing any last-minute bugs this week, so your help and patience and continued wrecky loyalty are much appreciated.

Under Neat That


Update from john:  Hey everybody! If I sound a bit fuzzy it's because I've had a good 20 minutes of sleep.  But I wanted to answer a couple of questions that I've been getting from you all.

Q.  My RSS Feed!!!  AHHHHHH!  What have you done?!?!

A.  In short, I updated it like 6 times which flooded your feed.  Bwoops.  The good news is, I've checked the feed with every reader I can find and with the exception of Yahoo, everything is swell.  Yahoo doesn't show the first picture of any of the feeds in my reader so I'm guessing it's on their end.

Q.  Where is the older posts button?

A.  You can find older posts at the bottom of the main page in the form of numbered pages.  If you click on an individual post, just above the post are three button for previous post, home, and next post. Pretty cool.

Q.  I can't find you on my blogroll.  Why not?

A.  If you put Cake Wrecks in your blogroll as cakewrecks.blogspot.com, it won't show up anymore.  The good thing is you just have to drop the blogspot out of the name and it will work like it used to.

Q.  There's no word verification in the comments!  I love word verification.  Why?

A.  I love it too as it adds a layer of fun to a lot of comments.  The only option with Squarespace is an actual captcha and it adds an annoying step for our commenters so I opted not to use it.

Q.  What happened to the archives? 

A.  That's the best we have for now but I'm working on it.  Hopefully, we'll have a fix this week.

Q.  Why is the site loading so slowly?

A.  Mainly, it's the load order of the site.  It's very technical but with blogspot, we were able to change the load order of the site so that the content came up before anything else.  In reality, Squarespace is lightning fast compared to blogspot but I don't yet have the ability to change the load order.  Getting the site faster is my current obsession so I'll be working on it until it's perfect.

Q.  Why doesn't the site load correctly in IE6?

A.  First of all, why are you using IE6?  It's like watching Return of the King on a vcr with a black and white tv.  UPDATE IT!  In the meantime, I'm working with my designer to try to fix the IE6 issues though he did chuckle at me when I asked him about it. (NOTE:  We fixed IE6.  Booya.)

And finally:

Q.  Why did you have to move?

A.  Well, over the past three years, we have received hundreds and hundreds of emails and comments from people who either couldn't view the site or the pictures or both.  Six months ago, our biggest fan, my mom, told me that the public library where she volunteers had blocked blogspot sites from their computers and I realized it was time for a change.  Our new host, Squarespace has excellent customer support, a great design system and they are hosted on Amazon's S3 servers which are the best out there.  With any luck, everyone should be able to see the site again.  Which is pretty cool.

I'll be updating this as I get more questions but I appreciate your patience and general awesomeness.

Wreck On!

john (the hubby of Jen)