Super Sunday Sweets

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound - and all without ever leaving the table - it's SUPER CAKES!

By Don Buciak II

Superman looks like he just flew right out of the comic-book; he's so artfully shaded! (And take note, icing purists; he's also completely fondant-free!) 


Submitted by Eri R. and made by Bluebird Cakes

Spider-Man here takes it a literal step further by popping out of the cake to save the day.


Sub'd by Ashley F. & made by The Great Cake Company

But nothing can match the 3D powers of Ironman, who stands head and shoulders above the rest!


Sub'd by Sally B. & made by The Wicked Little Cake Company

 "Did somebody say 3D? Make that 4D, because I QUADRUPLE DOMINATE you, Ironman! I am A) the leader of an alien robot race, B) rocking a body transformed from a friggin' semi-truck, and C) made of 100% edible deliciousness that is D) sculpted into a free-standing 3D-cake man-machine!!

"Plus, look at my cute lil' wipers!"


Don't worry; Optimus Prime is only joking. Superheroes don't really fight amongst themselves! In fact, they're far more likely to work together for the common good/deliciousness: 

Submitted by Maria N. and made by It's a Piece of Cake

Why, it's enough to bring me to tiers!


By CakeCentral member carmie00

Yes, superheroes are united in their quest to protect and serve mankind. And also to look fabulous in a retro cookie-pop bouquet while doing so. Love those graphics!


Now here's a fabulously graphic cake:

By Chocmocakes

 I mean "graphic" as in visually effective, by the way, with a sleek and vivid overall design - not graphic as in "you can totally see Hulk's nips." 



Sub'd by Kirsten K. & made by House of the Rising Cake

Batman stands watch over Gotham City - and check out the beam of light from the Bat signal! Great little detail!


But hang on now, saving the world isn't only a job for the menfolk! We can't forget about the ladies!

Sub'd by Kelly J. & made by Charm City Cakes

You don't need a magic lasso of truth to know this cake is fantastic.


Now how about some little baby supers?

By We Want Cake

It's like a Justice League of adorableness! My favorite is Wee-lverine.


 Men, women, children -  hey, entire families can get in on the crime-fighting cake fun:

By Homebaked by Audrey


I think my favorite thing about this cake - aside from the insanely detailed Incredible family with their tiny little Incredible phone - is that this was for a 30-year-old man's birthday. Way to stay young at heart, my friend!


That's all for now! Have a SUPER day, everyone! And insert your favorite superhero catchphrase here:


(Here's mine: SHAZAM!)


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Note from Jen: Hey professional bakers! We're still looking for volunteers for about half the stops on our upcoming book tour. So, if you live near one of the cities listed over there in the sidebar  -->, and you're willing to bake a cake (wreck or Sweet - your choice!) for your fellow wreckies, please e-mail me! It's a great way to advertise to local cake lovers, and the most fun you can legally have while serving cake in a bookstore. Promise.