Sunday Sweets: Princess Party!

For all the little girls who are in that 'princess stage,' and the big girls who never really grew out of it (I can't be the ONLY one who was positively destined to marry Prince William), and everyone else in between ...

(By Renato Ardovino)

We cordially invite you to a Princess Party!
So slip on your tiaras and glass slippers and and join in! We have cake!


Princess cakes are not a new trend, but they sure have come a long way from the days of jabbing a Barbie into an overly-iced Bundt cake and callin' 'er good:

(Sub'd by Eri R. and made by Bluebird Cakes)

Isn't this cake stunning? And maybe it's just the photo, but Tiana looks life-sized! Although, for my daughter to have any idea who I'm talking about, I'd have to call her by her full name: Princess And The Frog.


Do your kids do that with Disney movies too? Her name is not Rapunzel, it's Tangled, silly!

(Sub'd by Brien F. and made by Kiilani)

And her tower here is incredible. So much great detail. I bet the ivy alone took days.


Merida? Who's that? Her name is Brave!

(By Antonella Di Maria Torte and Design)

And her cake is amazing. I can bearly stand how sweet it is.


There is one exception to the rule: We don't watch Beauty and the Beast at our house, we watch Belle.

(Sub'd by Reagan H. and made by Key Art Studio Cakes)

I mean, how could you take your eyes off her? Although for a little girl with a name like Yasmine, you'd think this cake might look more like ... I don't know ...

(Baker unknown)

I mean, right? Great gold touches on her jewelry. Shining, shimmering, splendid, even.


And what's a princess party without a prince or two?

(Found here with lots more adorable party pics, but the baker isn't listed. Anyone know?)

My favorite detail on this cake: the little tuft of hair curling behind Jasmine's leg!


But you don't always need an actual princess on your cake to get the point across:

(By TuffCookie Cakes)

Snow what I mean?


We wouldn't want to upstage the birthday girl.

(By Peggy Does Cake)

Although this one is a showstopper all on its own. Who knew a swamp scene could be so gosh darn adorable?


But it's YOUR princess party! So make a splash if you want to!

(By Sugar Sweet Cakes & Treats)

OK, cutest Little Mermaid cake EVER. Look at the little ripples! Sacre bleu, even Sebastian's in a good mood!


Or, opt for simple simplicity if you like:

(By Peace Of Cake)

I want, nay, need that Snow White figurine in my life.


And speaking of figurines, I think Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip here are not of the edible variety,

(Made by the Disneyland Hotel (Found here on Pinterest))

... but what a gorgeous wedding cake! Who knew thorny briars could be so beautiful? (For Briar Rose, see?)


Well, it's about time to wrap this thing up. Please be responsible as you head home, whether you plan to travel by enchanted pumpkin, sail off on a magic carpet,

(By TatianaK)

... or canoodle in a canoe under a lantern-lit sky.

Thanks so much for coming, and may you live happily ever after til next time!


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