TMI Celebrations

While I agree that no celebration is complete without cake, I also think some celebrations should maybe be a bit more private than others:

Please tell me you invited the in-laws.


Ahhh, that sweet, sweet moment when your wife throws you a surprise Vasectomy Recovery party:

I hear if you buy two they throw in the bag of frozen peas for free.



I looked it up. It really is a thing. So I have two questions: who are you getting this cake for, and how will that not end badly for you?


Of course, nothing will lead to a round of denials as much as this:

C'mon. Does anyone ever admit to watching this show?


But for the ultimate "I-just-learned-something-I-never-wanted-to-know-about-you" dessert, we have this:

So many puns, so few of them safe for work...


Let's all give a hand to Heather M., Alison K., Laura W., Helen J., & Nicole A. for today's wrecks.


Funny story about that last cake: it was commissioned by none other than Mr. Bill Murray during the filming of Moonrise Kingdom as a joke for one of the guys working on set. (Cameron was turning 21.) Nicole worked craft services for the movie, and was responsible for fetching the cake from a local bakery. She tells me Murray also insisted on taking Cameron out for his first drink, and was fantastic to the whole crew, and I am insanely jealous of all of them. :)