The "Wonders" (of) Punctuation...

National Punctuation Day is this Saturday, so allow me to present a mini educational series on the "wonders" of punctuation.

[Cue the cheesy music!]


Makes you wonder, doesn't it?


Now remember, boys and girls: Punctuation can be a scary thing, but skipping it all together is never the answer.

Unless you want to command everyone to love their "senoirs."


On the other hand, filling your cake with the wrong punctuation isn't the answer, either.

Ah, a classic case of WTH: "Where's the H?"


Fortunately, punctuation allows us to add an appropriate level of enthusiasm to our greetings:

Pass the tissues. I think Linda is having a moment.


...not to mention convey our "sincerity":

And we mean that, Elizabeth. Like, soooo much.

(Btw, bonus points for the random asterisk. I assume the footnote came on a cupcake? That said, "Not really"?)


Of course, it is possible to go overboard from time to time:

Not to mention that pesky "you're" business.

Yep. Pesky.


And will someone please explain this?

Parentheses? Really? Look, bakers, I'm pretty sure no one has ever - EVER - ordered parentheses on a cake, so why would you even consider...

Ok, so ONE person ordered parentheses on a cake.

That just means you're both wrong.



Thanks to Andrea M., Anne G., Anna S., Linda J., Margaret J., Lisa, Kayla H., Debb D., & Bunny B., who I hear enjoy cooking their dogs and their families. So let's eat guys!